March 2019

Allison Schein ’08, Brandon Cox, Cayla Weisberg ’09
March 2019


Alumni Spotlight: Allison Schein
At the Studs Terkel Radio Archives, Allison Schein ’08 helps digitize and protect Chicago’s storytelling history.

Las Vegas Valley Comedian Tackles Stigma Surrounding HIV, AIDS
Former student Brandon Cox uses his standup sets to destigmatize HIV.

Building a Framework of Success for Women Entrepreneurs
Columbia Trustee Cayla Weisberg ’09 discusses her partnership with InvestHER Ventures, an early stage investment firm that exclusively partners with women-led technology startups in traditionally underrepresented sectors.

This Very Tiny Guide to Chicago’s Music Scene Celebrates City’s Indie Record Stores and Venues
Maura Walsh’s ’11 hand-illustrated miniature guide celebrates some of the Chicago’s best independent record stores and venues.

An NBA Team That is Gender Blind
Tatiana Holifield ’05 is featured for her work as Vice President of Digital Strategy for the Pacers.
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Jeff Ericksen '90
“I’ve seen people who are really creative, but they didn’t get the benefit of going to Columbia. I was fortunate in that my parents could put me through. I’d like to help someone who may not think they have a future in the creative world to be encouraged to do it.”

-Jeff Ericksen ’90 on why he supports Scholarship Columbia

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March 16, 2019
Dance Presenting Series 45th Anniversary Party
Hosted by the witty and energetic Mattrick Swayze and featuring stories, videos, and performances, this party will highlight our 45 years of excellence in contemporary dance from the Dance Presenting Series. Tickets are $10 for Columbia alumni and students, industry members, and friends of the Dance Center; $20 for the general public. Register today!
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LA Theatre Alumni Social


Columbia Rise Award
This award is open to alumni who have earned a bachelor’s degree from Columbia and will be starting a graduate program with us in Fall 2019. It’s equal to four credit hours of tuition during the Fall and Spring semesters, and you’re automatically considered when you apply. Columbia’s graduate programs are small and selective, and you’re just the type of student who would excel. If you are interested, the School of Graduate Studies can provide more information:

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Columbia Offers Multifaceted Program
Columbia’s Contemporary, Urban, and Popular Music program is featured as an inclusive, genre-blending approach to music study.

Ida B. Wells Drive Becomes First Downtown Street Named After a Woman or Person of Color
Wells’ great-granddaughter and Columbia College Chicago faculty member Michelle Duster preserves and shapes history.

Kelly Boner Curates Drag as Fine Art
Columbia’s Hokin Project Gallery is mentioned for hosting MFA student Boner’s exhibition Fulfilled Fantasies: Contemporary Chicago Drag Works.

The Best Charity Events in Chicago
The Columbia Faculty and Staff Donor Recognition Reception was included as one of ABC7’s best charity events in Chicago the week of February 18.
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