Alumni Shorts Film Screening - Synopsis


Wednesday, March 16, 2016
8 - 10 p.m.
Complete Actors Place Theatre
13572 Ventura Blvd.
Sherman Oaks, CA 91423

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Subcultures: Marionette Puppeteers  

Created and Directed by Erin Cantelo (BA ’07)

Director of Photography: Christian Sprenger (BA ’07)

Gaffer: Gabriel Patay (BA ’06)


A touching look at the fascinating world of marionette puppeteers as seen through the eyes of puppeteers Eric De La Cruz and the late and legendary, Bob Baker.  Part of the short documentary series "Subcultures" created and directed by Columbia College Chicago alumna Erin Cantelo in conjunction with Rainn Wilson's production company SoulPancake and YouTube.



Directed by Daniel Russell (BA ’08)

Director of Photography: Stephen Paar (BA '09)


A man suffering from recurring nightmares reaches out to a friend for help. He believes that he's being haunted. However, his faltering grip on reality has left him open to an attack. Someone wants what he has.



Written and Directed by Maris Lidaka (BA ’02)

Produced by Daniel J. Pico (BA ’02)

Director of Photography: Jeffrey Siljenberg (BA ’03)


Control is a dramatic comedy about a son’s attempt to get his alcoholic father to accept treatment. Even though his father will go to any lengths to avoid it.


The Ancient Order of Human Resources

Directed and Edited by Matt Brookens (BA ’99)


What exactly goes on in HR when they decide who to hire? The answer will shock you!


I Want Him Dead

Written and Directed by Daniel J. Pico (BA ’02)

Director of Photography: Jeffery Siljenberg (BA ’03)

1st Assistant Director: Charlene Agabao (BA ’05)


When Ursula catches her longtime boyfriend, Kalvin, in bed with another woman, she is heartbroken. Soon after Kalvin becomes America’s top super model, and his face is plastered everywhere. Ursula, unable to move on with her life, takes advantage of her lovesick neighbor, Roberto. Using Roberto as a test subject, Ursula designs a series of Wiley Coyote style traps to carry out her plot for revenge on Kalvin and put him six feet under.


Monopoly: Monopolation (trailer)

Written and Directed by David Tuber (BA ’05)


From the right brain of director David Tuber comes the never-before seen film that takes you deep inside the cruel heart of the world's most beloved board game: Monopoly. Who will win? When will it end?



Written & Directed by Timothy Attewell (BA ’10)

Produced by Leah Kilpatrick (BA ’09) & Christopher Pluchar (BA ’09)

Director of Photography: George Nienhuis (BA ’10)

Production Designer: Kyle Smith (BA ’08)

Edited by Andrew Wilsak (BA ’09)

Music by Luke Wieting (MFA ’10)

1st Assistant Director: Seth Farley (BA ’09)

Production Coordinator: Jordan Treml (’10)

Production Assistants: Allyson Nelson (BA ’11) & Fred Glander (BA ’08)

Camera Operator: Brian Michael Henderson (BA ’10)

1st Assistant Camera: Barry Elmore (BA ’09)

Gaffer: Mike “Manderson” Anderson (BA ’11)

Production Sound Mixer: Ryan James (BA ’08)

Boom Operator: Jordon Justice (BA ’11)

Art Director: Ellie Kushner (’10)

Set Build Team: Aaron Lepage (’09)

Property Master: Ben Fine (BA ’10)

Property Electrician: Matt Gossen (BA ’10)

Additional Scenic Artists: Vicky Chan (BA ’09) & Rae Deslich (’06)

Electronic Press Kit: Mike Stanlislawski (BA ’07)

Colorist: Ben Winter (BA ’10)

Additional Sound Design: Dan Kenyon (BA ’10)

Associate Producers: Cody Camp (BA ’08), Donnacha Kenny (BA ’09), and George Nienhuis (BA ’10)



Scientists Craig and Allen are preparing for the first human tests of a machine they’ve designed to stop death. As they approach completion, the moral and ethical questions surrounding the project create a rift between them. With the wellbeing of his daughter on his mind, Craig aggressively pushes for the completion of the project whereas Allen fears its darker potential. After the first human test, they quickly find there are deep ramifications to tampering with life and death.


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