Dennis Anderson '85

Dennis Anderson had his essay, Picking Up Dad, published by Purple Clover.

Picking Up Dad

Cynthia Bramlett ‘95

Cynthia Bramlett’s autobiography Determined to Win is available to purchase. The book is about Cynthia’s story of how God brought her out of a closet of tears into a life of joy.

Determined to Win: An Autobiography and Profession of Faith

John Campbell ’91

John Campbell recently published his first book Lessons in Window Cleaning (Lessons in Life). Through the different trial and errors of various aspects of residential window cleaning, Campbell learned numerous life lessons in a humorous and adventurous way. 

Lessons in Window Cleaning (Lessons in Life)


Luis Colindres '16

Help bring some life and color to my next book release: a coloring book featuring crazy, psychedelic visuals!

View Kickstarter Here


Martina Common '12

Martina Common's first book, A Better Me, has been published by Tate Publishing and is available for purchase on Amazon. Common gives you a glimpse into her life while growing up in a popular housing project in Chicago called Cabrini Green.

A Better Me


Krista Franklin MFA ’13

Krista Franklin is a Chicago-based writer and visual artist, pop culture addict, educator, & lover of the African Diaspora.

Krista Franklin


Brandon Graham MFA ’08

Brandon Graham’s second book, Missing People, is about the traumatic disappearance of Etta Messenger, and six years after the disappearance, it’s clear that none of the members of her middle-class family have finished mourning. Gaping emotional wounds have been poorly addressed. Will this ensemble of damaged characters pull themselves together in time, or will new stresses rip their tattered lives to shreds...

Missing People


Joyce Hutchens '85

Joyce Hutchens new book How a Pro Se Won Justice is available for purchase on Amazon. Hutchens memoirs is the remarkable story of one woman's disturbing but valiant eight-year legal fight against a clout-heavy school district.

How a Pro Se Won Justice

Nader Ihmoud ’14

Nader Ihmoud is the Editor-in-Chief of Palestine in America magazine. Palestine in America Inc NFP is a nonprofit organization dedicated to educating people in the United States about Palestinian-American issues using journalism and cultural events.

Palestine in America

Nadine Kenney Johnstone MFA ’08

Nadine Kenney Johnstone's memoir, Of This Much I'm Sure, is about Nadine’s journey of meeting her husband, leaving her family and moving to the suburbs, her struggles with trying to have a baby and much more.

Of This Much I'm Sure: A Memoir


Andrea Kampic MA ’92

Andrea Kampic’s new book The Skinny on Eating Plants: A Why and How Manual (The Skinny Health Series) (Volume 1) is available for purchase on Amazon.

Learn more about the book


Anthony King ’11

Anthony King is making a book containing portraits of through and section hikers, photos to convey walking 2,650 miles or 14,039,520 feet, handwritten journal entries, and interviews with hikers throughout the 2017-2018 hiking seasons. There is a GoFundMe running through June 15th.

Pacific Crest Trail Photo Book


Annmarie Ortega  '12

Annmarie Ortega's book Saucy Girl, the first of a contemporary romance suspense series has been published with Highland Press.

Saucy Girl


Michelle Pretorius MFA ’14

Michelle Pretorius just released her first novel, The Monster’s Daughter. The novel takes place at the height of the Boer War in 1901 South Africa. A doctor at a British concentration camp conducts a series of grim experiments on Boer prisoners. His work ends in chaos, but two children survive.

The Monster’s Daughter


Shawn Shiflett ‘76

Shawn Shiflett’s new book “Hey Libera!” which is inspired by true events, is about a white boy attending a predominately African American high school in Chicago just after the Martin Luther King riots. 

Hey Libera!


Simon A. Smith ’03

Simon A. Smith has just finished his novel, Son of Soothsayer. This novel has been accepted for publishing by the New Meridian Arts Press.

Son of Soothsayer


Margaret Wappler ’98

Margaret Wappler’s Sci-Fi novel, “Neon Green”, is available for purchase. Wappler’s novel combines 90’s nostalgia with aliens!

Neon Green


Angela “Jay” Wilson ’94

Jay Wilson has released a new children's book titled “Frannie Fireball & Sally Snowball”. The book follows two sisters – one made of fire, the other made of snow, who symbolize the hot and cold weather. 

Frannie Fireball & Sally Snowball


Jake Wittich ‘17

Jake Wittich, a former Columbia Chronicle editor, has launched a new blog called "Queer Culture is . . ." Jake is a former Sun-Times reporter who now works at Ad Age magazine, while pursuing work as a freelancer and managing his new blog.

My ColumAlum

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