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Megan Baim ’12, Andrew Nowak ’11 and Marc Wilkinson ’12

Marc Wilkinson’s new feature film, Sunset Rock, was recently released online for purchase. The film was not only written and directed by Wilkinson, but also stars fellow alumni Megan Baim and Andrew Nowak.

Watch Sunset Rock


Ronit Bezalel MFA '99

Ronit Bezalel's documentary 70 Acres in Chicago: Cabrini Green tells the volatile story of the demolition of Cabrini Green. 

70 Acres in Chicago: Cabrini Green


Jeff Bloom ’13 and Noah Kloor ’12

Jeff Bloom and Noah Kloor finished an interactive short film called Narrow Streets which is an interactive short film that tells the story of a kidnapping gone wrong in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

Narrow Streets


Joseph Burke '06

Joseph Burke's latest short film House Sitting  is available to view online. Burke wrote, directed and acted in the film. Alumnus Daniel Kenji Levin '06 was the cinematographer. 

House Sitting


Jose Rene Bolanos ‘15

Jose Rene Bolanos is in pre-production for his new short film, Flor. In the film, a young man struggles day by day after experiencing a life defeat until he meets a compassionate woman named Rosa. To support his project, visit by the March 31st deadline.

Flor Indiegogo Campaign


Elliot Callighan ‘12

Elliot Callighan is the owner of Ramova Music and is a classically trained violinist and pianist, metal guitarist and electronic music enthusiast with degrees in Music Composition and Sound Design for Cinema. Currently, Elliot is an independent Composer and Sound Designer.

Ramova Music


Rob Christopher ’97

Rob Christopher’s film Pause of the Clock is about Rob and Dylan who are shooting a film in Colorado when Dylan comes upon Rob’s diaries and secretly begins reading them, leading to discoveries that shed new light on their relationship and intermingle with the film that is being made.

Pause of the Clock


Nic Collins ’06

Nic Collins’ series Year of the Snake follows a lovable, childish alien named Snake who is sent to earth to kill a lonely stoner named V. V's kindness makes Snake reconsider his mission, and they become the best of friends and band together to defeat the forces of evil.

Year of the Snake 


Jessica Curtis '03

Jessica Curtis’ web series pilot, Superfreaks, is a workplace comedy about people who have been endowed with unimpressive superpowers and are relegated to menial work in the corporate office.



Vinny DeGaetano, Aaron Fronk, Cooper Johnson, former students

Vinny DeGaetano, Aaron Fronk and Cooper Johnson’s feature film It’s All Good is now available for rental or purchase! The film is about three filmmakers who are broke and ready to give up on success in the movie business. However, they turn to crowdfunding for their first feature film and raise $75,000 but spend the money on frivolous luxuries.  Now they must face the consequences.

It’s All Good


Holly De Ruyter ’06

Holly De Ruyter's documentary Old Fashioned: The Story of the Wisconsin Supper Club is now available to purchase.  The documentary just had its Chicago premiere at the Gene Siskel Film Center.

More information


Jonathan Diaz '08

Jonathan Diaz's  independent production company, Solo Picture Studios, is in the middle of post-production for their new short called Super Powers. In the meantime, check out Solo Picture Studio's other projects and Diaz's latest director reel.

Solo Picture Studios


Irving Gamboa ’10

Irving Gamboa’s short film Tulum City of Dawn is a poetic documentary about the ancient Mayan City of Tulum. A spiritual journey through the ruined City of Dawn.

View Tulum City of Dawn


Michael Gorgoglione, former student 

Michael Gorglione wrote and directed his first feature film titled Go Mad and Mark. The film is about a souther blue collar construction worker who has an encounter with a mysterious "being" that he and his family will never forget.

Go Mad and Mark


Christian Gridelli ’08

Christian Gridelli’s first feature is getting ready to debut on VOD. The film is called The Origins of Wit & Humor and is about a comedy writer, Les, who after ending a long relationship melts into self-doubt. He’ll try anything to move on, even a mail order elixir. It works… too well, which casts doubts on the one thing he’s let define him—his sense of humor. With the help of his best friend, Pops, Les sets out to flush this aphrodisiac from his system.

The Origins of Wit & Humor


David Heinz '02

David Heinz recently wrapped principle photography on his first feature film American Folk. The film is about the kindness of strangers and the power of music. Heinz wrote and directed the film and is now in the process of editing it.  

American Folk


Brian Michael Henderson ’10

Brian Michael Henderson won an Emmy for Outstanding Sports Journalism for his work as cinematographer on The Dictator’s Team. It’s a two-part ESPN documentary that follows the Syrian National Soccer team and how it’s become a political tool.

The Dictator’s Team


Benjamin Hicks '03 and Gerard Tran, former student 

Benjamin Hicks just launched "Fandependent Films", a brand new website for filmmakers and fans of indie film. You can check out all of these feature films absolutely free.  

Fandependent Films


Yuting Hsueh MFA '07

Yuting Hsueh's animated short film Crash Testing is about a crash test dummy recording his own aspirations via paintings of his expressions during a crash.  

Crash Testing


Giancarlo Iannotta ’11

Giancarlo Iannotta’s first feature film MY COUNTRY, which is about two brothers who have never met who take a road trip from Rome to the region of Molise on a journey to spread the ashes of their late father, is being screened in Rosemont, IL on June 21 and Elmhurst, IL on June 26.



Carissa Kacmarek ‘14

Alumna Carissa Kacmarek's ’14 latest short film "In Flames" will be screening at the California Women's Fest on Sunday, January 14th at 1:30pm. The film is a thriller about a couple who goes into the remote wilderness to rekindle their romance and runs into a mysterious drifter. It features Kika Magalhaes, a Portuguese actress who recently starred in the arthouse horror film "In the Eyes of My Mother" which premiered at Sundance.

Check-out the trailer here

Ticket Info


Brian Kalata ’87

Brian Kalata’s documentary, Pencils Down! The 100 Days of the Writers Guild Strike is about the activities and the aftermath on Hollywood and the media during the 2007 - 2008 Writers Guild of America Strike.

Pencils Down! The 100 Days of the Writers Guild Strike trailer


Brian Kallies '03

Brian Kallies is the co-executive producer of A City at War: Chicago, a documentary about Chicago during World War II. It explores how the relationship between FDR and Ed Kelly, mayor of Chicago, helped to win the war.

A City at War: Chicago

Brian Kallies produced and edited the American Public Television documentary Heroes on Deck: World War IL on Lake Michigan, which explains why more than 100 WWII aircraft rested on the bottom of Lake Michigan.

Heroes on Deck: World War IL on Lake Michigan


Bob Kopach ’87

Bob Kopach recently created and completed shooting a TV game show pilot for his new family game show called Jeff’s Homemade Game Show.

Jeff’s Homemade Game Show


Yusaku Mizoguchi '98

Yusaku Mizoguchi directed the feature film, Mafiosa, which won the Best Action Film Award at the 2016 Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival.

Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival


Ben Nissen ‘05

Ben Nissen’s trailer for his upcoming feature film Nowhere Mind is out. The film is about Ivan who uses experimental meditation to induce out-of-body experiences that might make it possible for him to escape a mysterious illness. His training takes an unexpected turn when he finds himself getting between the marital engagement of two old friends, Emily and John.

Nowhere Mind Trailer 


Matt Ohlson ‘13

Photography, videography, and audio space available for rent. Various colored (Blue, Red, Yellow, White, Grey) backgrounds, and two soft box lights provided for free. Lighting kit provided at an additional rate. Perfect for those searching for an affordable and accommodating space to shoot, edit and record. Rates start at $20/hr and $100 for 5 hours. 

Photographer available for additional rate + Touch Ups $35 for your 15 best photos, $50 for 25 photos. Please contact for custom package rates.

We are centrally located on the 5th floor of a secure office building in Koreatown. 

Room Measurements:
W: 10ft 9in
L: 12ft 10in

Color backgrounds (one background included for free, additional backgrounds are $25 each) 
3x Soft Box and 2x 48-inch single panel lights ($50 additional charge)
Free Wi-Fi
Color photo printer
Access to editing bay with Premiere CS 6 and Pro Tools 12
Premiere audio equipment
Affordable rates

Show college ID for 10% off.

For inquiries please email


Steve Ordower MA ’99

Steve Ordower’s latest producing project, The Man in the Silo, starring Ernie Hudson, is now on Amazon Prime and Google Play. The film follows Hudson’s character who mysteriously wakes up in grain silo with no memory of how he got there.

The Man in the Silo


Nicholas Puetz ’12

Nicholas Puetz has a feature film, Canal Street, being distributed by the Smith Global Media distribution company. The film premieres this fall in select theatres.

Canal Street


Saundra Nicholson ‘91

Homeward LA is a 10-day citywide event from April 13 to April 22, where multiple productions of monologues based on stories from people who have experienced homelessness will be performed by actors all around the city. Alumnae Saundra Nicholson helped produce this major performance event to raise funds to fight homelessness in Los Angeles.

Homeward LA


Jesseal Pacubas ’13

Jesseal Pacubas is the executive producer of a new comedy web series called Sequins. The web series explores the female Filipino American experience through the main character, Lucy. Lucy’s journey is sometimes humorous, often uncomfortable, and unapologetically authentic. Check out the hilarious music video that is featured in the pilot which is currently going through the festival circuit.

Sequins Music Video 


Brandon Reich '11

Brandon Reich is currently making his first feature comedic film called The Bob Zula. The film is a coming of age story about Bob Zula, his unconventional small-town friends, their adventures of recklessness, love and loss, and their childish revenge against a rival high school before graduating, and entering adulthood.

The Bob Zula



Colin Rice ‘10 and Kyle Leland '13

Colin and Kyle's short film "HAMMERSMITH: Hurdle of Dreams" has just been chosen to screen at the Cannes Film Festival 2018! The comedic mocumentary swept the 7 major awards categories including Best Folm at the 2017 48 Hour Film Project in Chicago.

Watch HAMMERSMITH: Hurdle of Dreams


Taggart Siegel ’85

Taggart Siegel runs a non-profit film company, Collective Eye, in Portland, Oregon which is an educational film distribution and production company that represents over 120 compelling documentaries that explore the untold stories of our time.

Collective Eye


Matt Storc ‘12

Matt Storc’s Windy City Horrorama horror movie festival is set to take place at the Davis Theater April 27th-29th. This labor of love will celebrate the DIY spirit of genre filmmaking. 

Windy City Horrorama


Joshua Tsui ’91

Joshua Tsui is currently in production on a documentary about Midway Games during the 90’s. From Mortal Kombat to NBA Jam to Cruis'n USA, this is the untold history of the greatest videogame studio of the 90's.

Insert Coin: Inside Midway's 90s Revolution trailer


Bennie Woodell '06

Bennie Woodell's sixth feature film, Love Meet Hope starring television legend Ed Asner, won best dramatic feature at the Hollywood Reel Independent Film Festival

Love Meet Hope trailer


Elizabeth Wuerffel MFA ’06

Elizabeth Wuerffel co-directed a short documentary about Syrian refugees in the Kurdish Region of Iraq, Kawergosk: Home Made of Cloth.

Visit the documentary’s Facebook page

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