Jillian Bruschera MFA ’14

The Mobile Mill, created by Jillian, is an automobile outfitted with portable machinery to enable "pop-up" hand papermaking production. With a focus on experiential learning and community outreach, The Mobile Mill is a space for physical, social, and artistic interaction -- an alternative art-making space where new learners, practicing artists and potential collaborators can learn about paper and how to make paper.

The Mobile Mill 

Jeffrey Lewis ‘11

Jeffrey Lewis owns CurbClean, a mobile car cleaning system that comes to you to clean your car. CurbClean alleviates the burden of taking your car to the car wash. You can simply download their app in the Apple Store or Google Play, set your car's location, then they’ll have one of our detailer's come to clean your vehicle.

 Curb Clean


David Orr '04

David Orr founded Blue Aster Studio in Bloomington, IN. Blue Aster is a graphic design and illustration studio that crafts delightful solutions to help small businesses and non-profits connect with the people they need to reach.

Blue Aster Studio


Ronny Sage ‘09

ShoppingGives, founded and run by Ronny Sage empowers users to turn everyday shopping into social impact for the causes they care about most. Through ShoppingGives, users can create their own free online fundraiser, or they can choose to support a wide variety of charities by shopping from over 750 popular stores, giving back up to 40% with every purchase made.



Martina Smith '06

Martina Smith owns “Social PixPod”, a modern social photo booth that captures endless customizable pictures and Gif’s that can be easily shared on social media pages. The PixPod features a sleek white LED light enabled AirPod photo booth that fits within any space so it’s perfect for any size event.

Social PixPod


Derrick Trumbly '05

Derrick Trumbly started the non-profit organization Ed.Arts, whose mission is to free artists from student debt by educating them about how to manage college loan obligations while pursuing a career in the arts.

Ed. Arts


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