John Bosher ’06 and Chris Charles ’07

John Bosher and Chris Charles have started “Cyntax Sportswear”, a new novelty clothing brand for cynical sports fans. Their debut line, the "Superfan Collection," features a variety of designs that help Chicago fans express how they really feel about their favorite football team. Click below to learn more about the clothing brand and their Kickstarter campaign.

Cyntax Sportswear Kickstarter 


Carissa Kacmarek ‘14

Carissa Kacmarek launched a Kickstarter campaign for her new short horror film In Flames. The film is about a couple that goes into the woods for a romantic getaway, when a drifter crashes their weekend. Check out the trailer via the link below.  

In Flames 


Dylan Schaefer ‘12

Otherworld Theatre, a theatre company focused on bringing theatrical experiences to the science fiction and fantasy genre, recently announced that they are in the process of opening their own theatre. The theatre was founded by several Columbia College Chicago alumni, including Dylan Schaefer, in June 2012. An Indiegogo campaign has been created to help raise funds for the creation of the theatre.  Click below to learn more about the theatre and the Indiegogo campaign.

Indiegogo Campaign


Marques Williams ‘04

Marques Williams is seeking financial assistance for his daughter, Layla, who has a mild form of Autism, so that she can receive speech pathology, voice and acting lessons among other entertainment classes. Layla has a speech delay that makes it difficult for her to enunciate words when she sings and speaks. Marques would like to fulfill Layla’s dreams of becoming an entertainer a reality.

Layla’s GoFundMe Page 

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